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BLUE GIN | Eau de parfum

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This is (not) a game. The origin of this fragrance lies in an unusual inspiration: A glass of gin. This image brought master perfumer Alberto Morillas to play with the polymorphous terrain of freshness, where citrus notes enliven a spicy and liquor-like accord.

The fragrance opens up with the juniper and black berry notes by which the preparation of the liquor starts. Then, the composition is made unique by a game of balance and contrast with the other notes. Sichuan pepper and cardamom reinforce the spicy character, while mandarin peel accentuates its bitterness. In counterpoint, the half cottony, half powdery comfort of irone and the mineral density of ketalox. Blue Gin plays with words and meanings, somewhere between the soft, faithful denim cotton and the freshness of ice cubes before the gin ignites the palate.

Olfactive family: AROMATIC SPICE

Top notes: essence of cardamom, essence of tangerine, Cascalone

Heart notes: essence of Sichuan pepper, essence of juniper berries

Base notes: irone, Cetalox, tonka bean absolute


BLUE GIN | Eau de parfum
BLUE GIN | Eau de parfum Sale price219.00 CHF.-