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GOLDEN OUD | Eau de parfum

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A walk along the shores of the Geneva Lake, a gentle late August day. The master perfumer savors these moments of calm by the water, as the summer light tints the landscape with pink and blue hues. Two silhouettes appear on the horizon, giving free rein to the perfumer's imagination.

The air is charged with a subtle scent that spreads like a veil, sensual and enveloping at once. The essence of Oud Assafi, the purest essence of agarwood, brings us between India and Bangladesh: both multi-faceted and perfectly balanced, with smoky leathery accents, finely balmy but not animalic. Its power is here sublimated by incense and Bulgarian rose, followed by papyrus, which enhances its mystery, and by amyris wood and cetalox, sublimating its sensuality. A captivating skin elixir, both feminine and masculine.

Olfactive family: WOODY - LEATHERED

Top notes: incense, Bulgarian rose
Heart notes: oud Assafi, papyrus
Base notes: amyris wood, Cetalox


Golden oud Eau de parfum
GOLDEN OUD | Eau de parfum Sale price319.00 CHF.-