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Article: The Esthete: Alberto Morillas talks personal taste

The Aesthete: Alberto Morillas talks personal taste -

The Esthete: Alberto Morillas talks personal taste

The founder of the perfume house Mizensir is also master perfumer at Firmenich, a Swiss perfume company, where he notably created CK One and Acqua di Giò.

My distinctive sartorial sign are my colorful socks. I like to change colors every day, I buy them from a church store in Rome - the burgundy color and the length are perfect, so I will buy 10 or 20 pairs at a time. €20 Gammarelli, Via S Chiara 34, 00186 Rome (+3906-6880 1314;

Morillas’ colourful socks from Gammarelli in Rome, €20

The last thing I bought was an Eastern Flowering Dogwood for my garden at a nursery in northern Italy. The flowers have a very particular shade of white which I liked. Vivai Valdostani, Frazione Maillod 17, 11010 Sarre, Aosta (+390165-258 116; And also a coconut buttock. This is a rare double coconut from the Seychelles that I acquired at auction. I've been collecting them for years, but they're hard to find. The unusual shapes of these objects amuse and intrigue me.

A rare double coconut from the Seychelles

The last book I read is Bulgari: The Perfume of Gems, a wonderful coffee table book about the history of the house's jewelry and fragrances. I'm not a big reader because I don't have much time and also because I'm a visual person. . $150;

Bulgari: The Perfume of Gems

The greatest gift I have received recently is a Patek Philippe 5960P watch from my wife for our 40th wedding anniversary. I had been dreaming about it for a while, the detail of each element is incredible. .

Morillas’ Patek Philippe 5960P watch

The beauty product I never part with is René Furterer Gel Végétal Fixant for my hair - for the fixing effect, of course, but also for the smell. I have an obsessive relationship with the smell of the products I use, right down to my choice of laundry detergent. In the same vein, my wife introduced me to La Prairie Anti-Aging Day Cream, or rather I stole it from her. Obviously, I still have a lot of perfumes, but right now I'm addicted to Perfect Oud by Mizensir, the brand I created with my wife and my daughter runs. La Prairie Anti-Aging Day Cream SPF 30, £178; Mizensir Perfect Oud, £175 for 100ml EDP; René Furterer Botanical Setting Gel, £9.10;

La Prairie Anti-Aging Day Cream SPF 30, £178

The last extraordinary place where I resided" is Suján Rajmahal Palace, a hotel in Jaipur. It was a residence of the royal family of Jaipur, a magnificent place where reigns the magic of a place steeped in history and unparalleled comfort. sujanluxury. com.

Suján Rajmahal Palace in Jaipur

In my fridge, you will always find salmon from my fishmonger at Halle de Rive in Geneva, caviar from Icone Caviar, a company that imports eggs from sturgeon from the Tibetan plateau and refines them in Geneva, cheese and black truffle from Bruand to make a fondue - the truffle tastes deep and delicious. Caviar icon, Place de Cornavin 3, 1201 (iconecaviarcom). Fromagerie Bruand, Boulevard Helvétique 29, 1207 ( Fish shop Agu Gonçalves, La Halle de Rive, Boulevard Helvétique 29, 1207 (

The last piece of clothing I added to my wardrobe is a navy blue Gucci jacket. I have a lot of Gucci jackets in different colors and I always perfume the lining; the mobile jacket allows the perfect diffusion of a perfume £1,920;

The last meal I enjoyed was dinner at Can Carlos in Formentera - the atmosphere is lively and the freshly caught fish is exquisite. I like simple cooking made with fine ingredients - a perfectly ripe tomato, the best olive oil. San Francisco Javier, Formentera 07860 (

My favorite site is for informative articles on perfumes. I've had an iPad Pro for a year and it's a more comfortable format than smartphones for newspapers, so I'll read or Tribune de Genève,

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