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Article: The essential role of synthesis molecules

Le rôle essentiel des molécules de synthèses -

The essential role of synthesis molecules

Why are the raw synthetic ingredients essential in the manufacture of perfumes for the Master Parfumeur @Morillas.alberto? Whether it is to offer a greater variety of ingredients or adding the unique signature of a perfume, the synthetic ingredients are essential in the creation process. Video made for BVLGARI perfumes
Emission Pardonnez Moi | Alberto Morillas


Interview with Alberto Morillas on Pardonnez-Moi, presented by Darius Rochebin

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Alberto Morillas | Maître parfumeur
Alberto Morillas

Alberto Morillas | Master perfumer

20 years ago, Alberto & Claudine Morillas created Mizensir. The Master Perfumer confides and reveals to you what has motivated him for all these years. video made by INOVATIO MEDIA

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