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Article: Back to school scent | The scented pencils

 les crayons parfumés Caran d'Ache

Back to school scent | The scented pencils

Soft scents blow on this collaboration between Caran to ACH and Mizensir

To be found in theMILK 69, currently on newsstands!
Words: Hélène Lahalle

Caran to Ache and Mizensir (Swiss perfumer craftsman) combine their know-how to create a scented edition of pencils. Together, the two Geneva houses have selected the fragrance "Spirit of the Alps" evoking the majesty, the authenticity and the purity of the mountains to flavor the heart of four graphite -made mine fully made in Geneva from noble wood species. An olfactory trip in perspective.

Perfumed pencils n ° 9 | CANAN D'ÉTI

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