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Article: The olfactory imprint of the newspaper Le Temps | An Alberto Morillas creation

L'empreinte olfactive du journal Le Temps | une création Alberto Morillas -

The olfactory imprint of the newspaper Le Temps | An Alberto Morillas creation

The newspaper Le Temps asked Alberto Morillas to define the newspaper's olfactory imprint. From this exercise was born a scented candle that you can discover exclusively in our store or on our website.The benefit of its sales will be paid toRace for water, NGOs which works for the protection of the oceans.
Description of the perfumer:
"I left in two parallel identity directions. First of all its historical dimension of reference paper, serious, reliable, with velvety wooded notes that are reassuring, serene. Then, I wanted to mention the digital era, High-tech, daring and innovative, of the newspaper with a light beam of synthesis molecules type Calone, rather fresh, fusing, floral. "
Alberto Morillas
230G scented candle for time: 75 CHF.- To support
Available for sale on &
Mizensit Geneva
Rue Verdaine 4
1204 Geneva
T: +41223101040
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