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Article: Moodboard: tree, my beautiful tree! The Lab By Calliste

Moodboard : sapin, mon beau sapin ! Le Lab By Calliste -

Moodboard: tree, my beautiful tree! The Lab By Calliste

We are entering the most beautiful time of the year, that of Advent! We have the hot chocolates, the fireplaces, the decorations, the garlands, the gifts to prepare... Stars of the holidays, the fir tree and its cousin the pine (they are part of the same family of conifers, the Pinaceae) spread their branches throughout the house, from the living room to the bathroom...


For millennia, man has used the benefits of fir and pine to take care of his health.
Balsam fir, Siberian fir, white fir, silver fir or pectinier fir, they are renowned for treat winter ailments, such as persistent coughs or congested throats and bronchial tubes.
Their fresh buds are used to concoct powerful essential oils or effective syrups.
The "fir tree syrup “, much appreciated by lovers of natural remedies is in fact very often a mixture of several essential oils, plant extracts and buds.
It is used pure, or mixed with a hot drink and is used in case breathing problems and irritating coughs.


Fir syrup Biover , and fir syrup and propolis from the brand Abies Lagrimus. (the latter, which specializes in fir-based products, offers an amazing fir pepper or fir vinegar…)

Fir essential oils have different properties depending on the species.
Siberian fir essential oil, rich in anti-inflammatory active ingredients, relieves muscle pain.
Balsam fir essential oil is widely used in inhalation to declutter the respiratory tract.
Silver fir essential oil has energizing, purifying and respiratory properties.
Silver fir essential oil restores vitality and relaxes the body.


the Revitalizing Fir Bath from the brand Weleda (fir silver), a lotion to slip into the bath, perfect for resting the body at the end of the day. Balsam Fir, and Spanish Fir brand oils Aroma-Zone. Siberian fir essential oil from the brand Phytosun.

Black pine is prized in cosmetics for its firming properties. It's a great anti-aging. Its anti-inflammatory properties help to fight against the premature aging of cells. It boosts and strengthens the skin's natural barrier.


The Ritual of Tsuru Black Pine & Gold Body Cream from Rituals. Lifting and Firming 3D Night Cream with black pine from the brand Korres.


In the shower, the scent of fir or pine is appreciated by lovers of energizing, woody scents who want a little boost before starting a big day! Powerful, very recognizable, it is reserved for amateurs.


Handcrafted Pine Soap and the very beautiful Pinecone Honey Shower Gel by Natura Siberica . Le Bio Pine and Criste Marine Shower Gel du Petit Marseillais. The wonderful Alpine Pine and Salty Spray Shower Gel by Dr Haushka.The 3 in 1 shower gel, face, body and hair Naturé moi (with Atlantic maritime organic pine), the Forest Harmony Shower Gel (silver fir and Siberian fir) from Weleda and finally the amazing White fir shower soap from the Swiss brand Helvetia Natura


Delicate to handle, rich with a thousand childhood memories, evocative of long walks in the forest, the scent of conifers is an invitation to let go of everything and go get some fresh air in the pine forests... The biggest noses have rubbed their noses to its resinous and vivacious notes to create precious juices, perfect for Christmas!


the very handsome Girls in needles of Serge Lutens. Warm, sun-drenched, anchored in the sand of the pine forests, it evokes high summer and softwood forests.
Starry night byAnnick Goutal : bark, moss mixed with pine needles… a delicious nocturnal stroll through the tall pine forests.

Alberto Morillas' first creation for his luxury brand Mizensir, Sapin de Noël is a perfume of precious atmosphere that is sprayed on fabrics and curtains for a warm atmosphere. The perfumer has a real fondness for conifers since he also created Pin Solaire, another room fragrance that is both woody and resinous.
Finally, Crazy d'absinthe from the Artisan Parfumeur blends the scent of pine needles with patchouli and spices to evoke the beauty of a forest in the Pyrenees.

Let's leave with this lovely quote from André Lanrendeau:
"Childhood is believing that with the Sapin de Noël and three snowflakes the whole earth is changed. »

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