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Article: Seduce

Séduire autrement -
for your love


And if to make it succumb, you decide to wear a slightly more confidential fragrance ...

The opportunity to discover the so -called "niche" perfumery.

Do you have enough to feel the same "olfactory choruses"? Turn to small labels and confidential collections that are full of treasures. Like the leather note, often deemed dark, even obsolete. At Nicolai, Baikal Leather intense the interpreter in a flexible suede version bordered by iris and powdered violet. This note "skin" even becomes bright in Tassili leather from Maison Rebatchi, lit with pepper on an elegant iris. The iris precisely, another fleshis of this perfumery, is in the spotlight of the Golden Pavilion at Dusita, plunged into a deliciously vintage green leather. Moreover, beyond the only risk of displeasing, this perfumery of authors brave the prohibitions. With strong alcohols like this Akro malt, a whisked rum-whiskey against a single leather a leather gentlemen. No taboos either for sniff of euphoric scrolls such as the figurative cannabis of Malin-Goetz, just rounded of suave wood. Addiction also arises from a crazy love in Rolling in Love in By Killian, to the heated musks of animal ambrette. More tender, for your love to mizensir transcribes a sweet kiss.

Seduce otherwise |


Photos: N. Descottes

Realization: B. Chaillet

Text: L. Férat


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