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Jardin d'Hiver | Trilogy box

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Sapin de Noël: A true tribute to the aromatic and balsamic notes of pine needle resin. This candle is the first composition by master perfumer Alberto Morillas for Mizensir and transports us into the heart of the alpine forests through a green and woody olfactory journey.

Orange Amère : With this candle, master perfumer Alberto Morillas has chosen to honor the essence of bitter orange in all its sparkling, tangy, fruity facets. A tribute to the sun-drenched bigarade and the dazzling intensity of its zest.

Noël à la Montagne: This candle was designed by master perfumer Alberto Morillas as a tribute to his childhood memories of the winter months. Chocolate chips and notes of candied spices are associated here with the delicious scent of brioche.

Coffret Trilogie Jardin d'Hiver
Jardin d'Hiver | Trilogy box Sale price99.00 CHF.-